Our Wool Story

We believe that exquisite interiors begin with the perfect flooring. For unrivalled comfort, you cannot go past the look and feel of a Godfrey Hirst wool carpet. Proudly designed and made in Auckland, with wool sourced from New Zealand farms, our carpet is where the best of Aotearoa comes together to make a truly beautiful and luxurious product.

Our stunning and versatile ranges of cut pile or loop pile wool carpets are available in an array of sublime, earthy tones creating the ideal foundation for your interior space. We love the cosy softness of wool carpets, but the benefits of this 100% natural fibre go far beyond comfort. Natural wool properties make wool carpet ideal for every climate, insulating for warmth during winter chills, cooling for relief through sultry summers and keeping room temperatures just right during cool autumn nights and sunny spring days.

We really know wool. Every year we scour over 250,000 tonnes of it to make our beautiful wool carpet, making us the largest wool carpet manufacturer in the world.

The incredible resource of wool, a pure, biodegradable and renewable material is at the heart of our Farm to Floor story. Natural stain resistance, easy to maintain and the flame retardancy of wool fibres make it a practical floor covering that is sure to enhance the look and feel of any space.

Why Wool?

Luxurious and soft to the touch, wool provides remarkable beauty, high performance, low maintenance, health benefits, and outstanding environmental integrity.

Wool is the only authentic naturally sustainable fiber, which synthetics strive to emulate.

Soil and Stain Resistant
The scales on the outside of wool fibers cause liquids to bead up on the surface, helping to keep the wool stain free. This scaled structure helps to keep dust and dirt from penetrating into the fiber.

Wool is a protein composed of amino acids, very much like our skin and hair. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. When you bury a wool product in soil, it is naturally biodegradable and provides nutrients to the soil.

Sustainable and Renewable

Wool is the ultimate sustainable fiber. Sheep grow wool continuously and can be shorn every 9 to 12 months, making it rapidly and readily renewable. Since the wool is derived from natural resources - water, sun and grass - it is a natural fiber and also requires less energy to produce than synthetic fibers.


A single strand of wool can be stretched and compressed 30,000 times and retain its original shape, making wool carpet and rugs extremely resilient, durable and long lasting.

Fire Resistant

Wool is a safe fiber that is difficult to ignite due to its natural chemical structure, which is high in both nitrogen and moisture. Wool does not melt, drip or emit noxious fumes. It burns slowly and is soft extinguishing.


Farm To Floor