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Why Professional Installation Is So Important

In this age of DIY mentality, more and more homeowners are attempting to install their own flooring. With some materials, it’s not such a bad idea. With others, it can create complete havoc. The idea behind DIY flooring installation is saving some money, and that’s an idea we can all get behind. However, there are some instances when a professional service really pays off. That’s what we’d like to quickly discuss with you, in order to save you a bit of trouble in the end.

At Carpet Mart, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Our professional flooring specialists can help match you with the perfect floor covering for your home, and we can also install that product for you. Throughout that process, we will always treat your floors as if they are our own, striving for perfection at every turn. From our showroom in Benton Harbor, MI, we serve the areas of Benton Harbor, MI, Saint Joseph, MI, Stevensville, MI, Bridgman, MI, Sawyer, MI, Coloma, MI, Dowagiac, MI, South Haven, MI, Watervliet, MI, and Union Pier, MI. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you as well.

Flooring Installation in Benton Harbor, MI area from Carpet Mart

Don’t make precious installation mistakes

Certain floor coverings can be incredibly expensive to replace if too many novice installation mistakes are made. Materials such as solid hardwood, carpet and tile are examples of flooring that should definitely be left to the professionals. First, there are many specialized tools necessary to install the materials correctly. Without them, the installation can look good on the surface, but the floors will wear out prematurely and require early replacement.

With carpet, for example, seams must be put together correctly and they must be stretched appropriately to maintain the quality you deserve. Tile, on the other hand, can easily be broken, causing you to have to replace piece after piece. You can avoid disasters like this, however, by simply allowing a professional to do your installation for you.

Worse still, though, is the fact that many flooring manufacturers will simply refuse to honor their warranties if a professional service is not used to install their product. So that means, if you purchase a carpet with an amazing warranty, install it yourself, and then experience problems, you could be in for a major letdown. Even if the problem you have isn’t directly related to installing, the fact that you installed it yourself can void that warranty. We have to say, it can actually save you money, in the end, to go with a professional service.