tile installation

Three ways to decorate with tile

...And, no, it?s not just about tile flooring.
Think again if you think tile is only for the kitchen or bathroom floor. Of course, it?s a stylish, waterproof, easy-maintenance and durable material, but you can do so much, it?s easy to create your own unique design.
Here are some ideas from Carpet Mart. Don?t let the name fool you because we?re about a lot more than carpet. Opened in 1976, we also carry a full stock of hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, waterproof WPC, vinyl and tile, and offer services such as installation and custom area rugs.
There?s a large array of tile colors, patterns, styles, designs, and textures. Vibrant colors, graphic print patterns, and metallics, are especially hot right now. Metallics are dramatic because they act as mirrors and reflect light, brightening any room, giving the illusion of it being larger than it is.
Some people are even creating backsplashes from glass tiles and, thanks to modern technology, you can even get tile with textures (like distressed).
Make a focal point with a kitchen backsplash
?Make a statement with your backsplash. Remember when they were mostly white or off-white? Today, there?s a large assortment of colors, patterns and sizes. Even subway tiles, formerly only available as 3 X 6 rectangles, are now larger and come in shapes from round to triangular. Mix and match them, because no one says you have to stick with only one size or shape.
Backsplashes also were purely functional, being a small section behind the range or sink to capture cooking splatters or water splashes. Now it?s a design element; by featuring a section of the wall, the eye will automatically be drawn to it.
Right now, the floor-to-ceiling backsplash is all the rage, and it can also wrap around shelves and counters.
Just be sure everything works together, and don?t overdo it, or you?ll just have a confusing jumble.
?Give a room the ?Wow Factor? with an accent wall: Take a section of wall in the living, dining or bedroom or around the fireplace to construct a design unique to only YOU.
?Create tile art: This is an arrangement. Create your special design and show it off on a wall!
For more inspiration, feel free to come into the Carpet Mart showroom in Benton Harbor, MI. Our experts would love to show you what can be done!