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Three top hardwood colors of 2019

With Spring in full swing, homeowners are likely taking advantage and following through renovations and remodels. What are the top picks for this season of 2019? Well, there are several favorites when it comes to hardwood colors, but three particular selections are shining brightly in this category. Let?s take a look at what interior designers are raving about right now!


If you?re thinking, ?Gray, really?? Please, hear us out! The truth is, from a design perspective, gray is a neutral tone that can add various design elements and depth to your space. Now, you do need to use it in a manner that best suits both your room and the personality you?d like to add to the area. Simply put, it?s the hottest color right now to use as a background, and add a pop of color with your d?cor, but you can also add a tranquil element to any area with this soothing choice of palette.

Faux white-washed

Typically installed in wide spaces to add light and brighten a room, the white-washed style is particularly popular in kitchens at the moment. It?s a playful color, really, as it can add a carefree, beachy appeal to any space. However, don?t mistake faux white-washed for a shabby-chic appearance; it?s deceptively elegant, given the right room. In any case, it?s a design element that you can dress up or dress down, making it a versatile aspect in that sense. Consider adding this kind of hardwood to your bedroom if you?re in search of a soft, relaxing feel for your room.

Dark, wire-brushed

To be totally honest, the vast majority of homeowners have no idea what wire-brushed means, nor do they know what the dark version looks like. That?s because it?s been a relatively low-key choice up until now, due to the fact that a lot of people don?t usually go for very dark hardwood colors. But, really, there?s nothing to be afraid of, and in the end, darker hardwood adds such an impressive feel to a space, one that?s hard to come by. The wire-brushed aspect of this design option, tones down the harshness that?s typical of dark colors. That?s why it?s become quite the hit in the Benton Harbor, MI region, where it?s sometimes hard to keep up with the demand for this lovely creation.

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