The many benefits of choosing carpet

Carpet has been around a long time and has undergone many changes throughout its history. Now more than ever, it's worth your time to consider whether it's the material you want and need for your floors.

Enjoy a wealth of benefits ranging from warmth and coziness to extensive color and design options. Even busy homes with children and pets can benefit from this floor covering so be sure to find out what it can do for you.

Get your carpet from the carpet experts

Carpet Mart has been serving our loyal customers since 1976 with the best floor covering and services possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members make sure to match you with the perfect flooring solutions.

When you visit our showroom in?Benton Harbor, MI, you?ll find extensive flooring options and answers to all your questions. Be sure to stop in today to let us help get your flooring project underway.

What do you need from a carpet?

There are some things you can just expect when browsing our extensive carpet line. Softness is a common benefit, found in all these materials, along with comfort for every family member.

You?ll also find a stunning variety of solid colors and designs that easily match your existing d?cor. That means you?ll find the perfect blend of appearance and functionality, right from the start.

But what about other benefits? One of the most sought-after attributes of this floor covering is the built-in stain protection some brands offer. The protection is built into the fiber itself, so you never have to worry about applying or reapplying harsh chemicals.

With this characteristic, your floors will be harder to permanently stain and much easier to clean. Regardless of this added protection, always make sure to vacuum regularly, spot clean as necessary, and have your floors professionally cleaned at least once every 18 months.

Modern carpet also offers allergy sufferers some respite through hypoallergenic fibers. Now, instead of allergens floating around in the air, this material traps them and holds them until you vacuum. Your whole family will breathe easier.