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Making a 5-star home with quartz or granite tile

Wow, just wow. There is just no other word for a quartz or granite tile floor.

Both are exceptionally beautiful, functional and super tough. While both can be used in multiple ways, be sure yours is clearly labeled that it can be used as flooring.

Quartz tiles are available in many colors, patterns, and designs and because there?s such a variety, there?s something to fit any budget. Unlike most stone, a quartz tile is completely non-porous and that means you don?t need to worry about liquids being absorbed and staining. It also means you don?t require a sealant.

It?s also durable, being almost impossible to crack and highly resistant to scratches. Easy to clean, it just needs a soft mop and a manufacturer-approved detergent, but you?ll probably need to do it often because, well, you?re standing and walking on it.

It?s also not unusual to see it used on countertops either as a tile or slab. (If you do use it on the countertop, be aware that it?s not heat-resistant so never place hot pots or pans on it.)

All about granite floors

There are two things you should know about granite: One, they?ll add value to your home by as much as 25 percent of the retail price. If it?s installed in the kitchen, that value may be higher just because of the visual appeal and the kitchen is often the deciding factor in whether home buyers make an offer. Two, they?ll last for years and years, as long as you use the right soaps and sealants.

A granite floor tile is beautiful and strong, with a speckled crystalline appearance. Although the colors are dictated by nature--pink, white, and gray-- different quarries around the world have different speckles and veining, so there's something unique for everyone.

As long as they are properly sealed, they won?t absorb liquids. Sealants can last around 10 years, but do be sure you keep track of what is being used since different ones behave differently and may not work together.

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