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How to protect your luxury vinyl from paint during a reno

Do you have an upcoming renovation you?re preparing for? Have you thought about protecting what you have in your home already, your beautiful luxury vinyl floors? While many homeowners worry about what to do to make a makeover less complicated, they often forget such an essential factor to a successful renovation. If you?re not sure where to start to ensure your LVT doesn?t get splattered with paint, don?t worry, our Carpet Mart pros in Benton Harbor, MI, have come up with these three fail-safe steps to keep your surfacing as good as new.

Avoid messy no-no?s with these 3 steps

1 ? Empty the room completely. For easy access to the walls for painting, remove everything in the area, be it furniture, wall d?cor or window treatments. While you may think you?ll save on time if you simply work around things, you?re likely setting yourself up for probable disaster. If there?s an item in the room that?s too difficult to move, cover it with a sheet of plastic, and tape it closed.

2 ? Cover your floors. Whether it?s a giant sheet of plastic, or a large canvas tarp, cover up every inch of your LVT, taping along the edges of the walls. Plastic, while being quite economically priced, is slippery, so keep that in mind. There?s no need to worry about that with canvas, but it?s a pricier purchase. However, it doesn?t need to be secured with tape, so you will save money because of that feature.

3 ? Use quality tape (and a lot of it). Tape can very well save you in a reno emergency, especially when it comes to painting. As such, don?t be stingy when it comes to quantity and quality. Use a generous amount of tape to secure protective sheets to your floors, but also use it to cover the baseboard, trim, light switches, door frames, knobs, and any other feature in the room you?re looking to protect from paint splatter.

When in doubt, give us a call at Carpet Mart, and we?ll talk you through what to do if you get paint on your flooring. Our on-site experts are here when you need them, so don?t hesitate to contact us with any queries.