hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood: When is strong, strong enough?

All hardwood is strong, but some species are tougher than others.
So the answer to the question in the title is that ?enough? will be determined by your lifestyle, such as the amount of foot traffic; if you have kids or running pets; or if you entertain frequently, etc.
How is hardness determined?
If you?ve never heard of the Janka Scale, be sure to get familiar with it. It is used to determine the amount of force needed to result in wear and tear, such as denting. It?s the Gold Standard for determining if a particular hardwood species is right for flooring, and the Janka Scale is a good indicator of how well your wood can withstand high heels, pet nails and more.
The higher the number, the stronger it is. Be aware, though, that other factors come into play, such as maintenance, sun damage, grain and even choice of veneer. Always ask your flooring pro for advice.
Generally, the best ones for flooring are oak, walnut, ebony, maple, pecan, and ash. If you want ultra-tough, you?ll probably need to go with an exotic.
The bottom line: How you care for it
In reality, every hardwood type is subject to wear and tear, so it all comes down to how you care for it.
Remember, the biggest enemy of wood is water, so wipe spills immediately. If you polish or clean the floors, be sure it?s completely dry when you?re done, so no liquid can penetrate.
By the way, if you have the engineered version, know that this hardwood type can still be damaged by water. It does handle moisture better than solid. You can install it in some places, such as basements, where solid is never recommended for installation, but don?t place it in areas with leaky pipes, wet concrete, steam or wet towels.
There are other every day cautions, such as strategically placing mats or area rugs near entrances or in front of sinks; keeping pet nails trimmed; avoiding walking with stiletto heels, and using protective pads when moving furniture.
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