hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood: It?s All That And More - Here?s Why!

If you?ve never had the pleasure of walking into our Carpet Mart showroom in Benton Harbor, MI, then you?ve likely never been in the presence of so many prime examples of quality solid hardwood planks. But everyday, our on-site professionals handle this fantastic, gorgeous material that?s durable and long-lasting ? maybe that?s why we?re so in love with hardwood. What?s so special about solid planks, you may ask? Well, that?s a great question, and one we?ll attempt to answer in this article, so keep reading!

High Quality, Solid Material

As it is completely solid through and through, the planks you end up with are high-quality. That means there?s no filler, no unnecessary extras. Instead, what you get is a genuine material from nature, and along with that, an authentic appearance that impossible to replicate perfectly. Still not convinced about its quality? Then, walk into any turn of the century home with original solid planks and see the superiority for yourself.

Durable And Sturdy

In essence, durability and sturdiness go hand in hand with quality materials. As planks are made from solid wood, you get the ultimate product ? one that?s tough and solid. When compared to several other flooring options, you?ll be hard-pressed to find one that?s on par with hardwood?s supremely durable and sturdy manufacturing.

Easy To Maintain And Clean

With a wall-to-wall installation, you get a seamless sea of perfection with hardwood slats. That means no annoying nooks or pesky crannies that hold onto dirt, duct, and grime when cleaning, which makes slats so simple to maintain. Basically, you?re required minimal effort on your part for upkeep, and for the most part, these planks only need a quick sweep every few days and weekly mopping.

Timeless Elegance

Why are hardwood planks always associated with timeless elegant and classic beauty? Simply put, it all comes down to how long they?ve been around. Slats aren?t a modern invention. On the contrary, they?ve been around for centuries. That?s why we equate them with class, grace, and sophistication ? because we still have building that are hundreds of years old with near-perfect flooring. Now, that?s truly amazing!