luxury vinyl flooring

Four reasons why luxury vinyl has grown in popularity

Currently, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the fastest-growing and most in-demand material when it comes to flooring. Why is it so popular right now, you may wonder? Well, we?re going to explain this rise in popularity and explain which LVT factors make it an excellent choice for renovations.
1 ? Design aesthetics
Although luxury vinyl comes in a wide assortment of design styles, the truth is, the most popular one is the wood-look appearance. So, if you?re in love with the look of wood but not the hefty price tag, you can get that exact same appearance with LVT. Not only do you get a lower purchase price, but you also have less to pay in terms of installation and upkeep.
2 ? Durability
Two other key features of this wonderful flooring material are its long lifespan and durable qualities. Essentially, this is all due to its sturdy construction, comprised of many unique layers:
?Protective/ Wear layer
?Print film layer
?Vinyl backing
?Vinyl core
As it is manufactured with a built-in protective layer, LVT planks offer an all-inclusive protection that lasts a very long time. Also, you get this kind of resistance straight out of the box, without having to pay extra for a special surface coating. Because of this superficial protection, the planks are less likely to get scratches or scuff marks.
3 ? Sound absorption
In companies across the world, employee health and wellness has become a major priority. As such, business owners seek out healthier alternatives for their staff, which includes better, cleaner materials for commercial renovations. No doubt, you?re in search of the same thing for your family. Studies and much testing show LVT has sound absorption qualities that lower noise levels, dimming them to a less stressful level.
4 ? Easy upkeep
That superficial wear layer is always hard at work, making sure the planks are waterproof and durable. And so, because of this, they?re much easier to maintain, an excellent solution when you?re looking for something easy to care for. With a simply sweeping and regular mopping, your floors will look lovely and new!
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