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Four reasons to select luxury vinyl tile in any interior design

We hear it all the time:? ?In what room should I install this flooring??? Our answer is always the same: ?Anywhere you want!?

When it comes to luxury, this vinyl, especially when it?s tile, works in any decor.? Sometimes just referred to as LVT, It is no longer flooring only for the kitchen, bath or laundry room. It is completely waterproof, though, so we can see how the mind automatically goes there.

We?re now seeing it in all areas from the living/dining space to even the bedroom.? It?s also been spotted in some very upscale homes.

LVT Style Break-down

  • There is a wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.? This coming year is going to be all about color, so you?ll have your pick.?

?It?s also important to note that Pantone, the globally recognized leader on color and its effects, has already established classic blue as the ?color of the year? because it instills calm, confidence and connection.? If you want to that kind of atmosphere in your home, you need to know this.

If you decide to go with LVT flooring, as opposed to plank, there are many species from which to choose.??

  • There is embossing.? None of those flat images that many remember from the vinyl of years ago!? With texturing, you can get anything from wire-brushed to hand scraped and distressed to antiqued looks.??

  • Finishes.? Anything from matte to gloss.? If you do decide to go with a wood-look vinyl, and wood tile is predicted to be a 2020 trend, you?ll have the luxury of choosing glossy wood.

  • Seaming.? This vinyl is available in sheets, but you have the luxury of having it cut into tile (or even plank) form. The lines give it a lot more realism.

Other reasons to consider it
  • Simple maintenance.? Just sweep daily and periodically mop for more thorough cleaning.

  • Durability.? All vinyl is durable, and this is considered to be a kid-friendly and pet-friendly flooring

  • Easy installation.? With few exceptions, it can ?float? over most existing flooring and either be glued or click and locked.

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