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Can I use subway tile on the floor?

Yes, but you do need to be sure that any tile is marked for both wall and floor applications.

Be sure to tell your flooring retailer exactly how you plan to use it so you get the most appropriate type.

What is a subway tile?

The classic one usually reminds us of, well, the subway. It?s all-white, brick-like and comes in the traditional 3? X 6? rectangular size. Now the tiles come in almost any shape and size imaginable, ranging from squares to hexagons. There?s also an elongated shape, which is a twice-as-long rectangle.

They aren't just all-white anymore, either. There has been a debate about whether subway tile is outdated. The answer is a resounding NO. While some people may have grown tired of the all-white hue, many haven?t; and, besides, they?re also available in decorative colors from cobalt blue to grassy green, marble looks and sunny yellow, as well as most any texture imaginable.

Mix and match them to create unique layouts.

Fun fact: where they got their name

The tiles got their name from the underground; that is, the New York City subway system when it officially opened in 1904.

This particular tile was created because it was shiny and bright. Since it was glazed, stain-resistant and easy to clean, it aligned with the Victorian era preoccupation with cleanliness.

What is the difference between a wall and floor tile?

Floor tiles are typically thicker and more able to hold up to the weight of foot traffic and furniture, such as porcelain or ceramic. The grout lines are important as they can provide some non-slippage. However, it might be a good idea to also choose something with texture, such as with ridges, to make it even more slip-proof.

How to use them in modern design
?Have fun with grout. Even if you still use the classic all-white, use a darker color grout to highlight the ?bricks.?
?Combine different colors: make a show-stopping backsplash.
?Create different layouts, such as hexagons or even verticals. No one says you have to use them horizontally.
?Utilize contrast: like the classic black and white pattern.
?Use glass tiles: create borders and inserts.

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