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Black granite tiles: How to decorate with this stunning sensation

Much like that little black dress or fashionably-cut black suit, black granite tiles won?t ever go out of style. However, you may be put-off by how to decorate with such a jaw-dropping bold style. Similar to white, black can also be a background, visually highlighting other colors in the room, making them stand out. And, with the use of accent colors, you can really create a stunning sensation, adding such things as d?cor, rugs, pillows, accessories, and curtains.

Start with a theme
To begin with, start by selecting a theme for your room. Whether it?s eclectic, shabby-chic, Victorian, or Art Deco, you need to choose an image you want to portray in your space, so you know the goal of your makeover.

Choose an accent color
Before deciding on a color for the walls, choose an accent color. Do keep in mind that it should eventually compliment the color of the walls, while also look pleasing visually. The accent color should be used about the room, with accessories and d?cor, to add an element of continuity.

Now, it?s time for a wall color
Black granite tiles will pretty much match any color of wall. Yet, if you stick to neutral tones, it?ll definitely be easier to swap accent colors somewhere down the road, should you want to redecorate. Bright colors, like red, orange, and yellow, work great in large rooms, but tend to become overbearing in smaller areas. Darker options, like dark blue, dark green or dark gray, can make the room appear like it?s shrinking, because of the way it contrasts with black granite. In the end, try to choose a wall color complements the furniture you have currently, then use accessories and other accent pieces to draw everything together.

Accessories and d?cor
Here is where you can add a healthy dose of personality, pizzazz and color. Create a sense of harmony by adding picture frames and wall hangings that have an interesting accent color. Or, get a sense of uniformity by selecting frames that are black as well, to match the floors. Go ahead and add as much color as you?d like, from a small amount to quite a bit of accent color, using such things as knickknacks, rugs, throws, and pillows.

Curtains? the final touch
The final touch with black granite tiles is the curtains or window treatment. Don?t worry about matching them to your floors. Rather, your aim should be to stick to the general theme of your complimenting color. Depending upon your choice, curtains can either stand out drastically, or blend into the surroundings. Again, it?s your choice as to how bold you want to be.

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