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Basic business questions to ask when buying carpet

It?s pretty easy to get caught up in the excitement of interior design when you?re buying flooring, especially carpet.
After all, don?t the designers say ?Design from the floor up?? That means you?ll be busy thinking about walls, upholstery and accessories to design around the carpet in the entire room.
With all of the promotions and sales, it?s pretty easy to become overwhelmed. While it?s probably not as exciting as creating your room decor, you?ll also need to ask some very basic questions to your retailer.
These include:
1.What exactly is the total price? It?s not just the product, but you?ll have additional services like installation, disposal and others. Is padding included? If not, how much extra is that? (HINT: Don?t skimp--you can?t see it, but it?s important as it provides the foundation of a carpet installation.)
2.How should I prepare? Who does what? Are you responsible for disposal? Would they rather move the furniture, or should you? If you have pets, would they rather you let them ?visit? someone else. or is it okay, as long as they are contained?
3.If something?s not in stock, can you order it, or do you have a warehouse? If it?s ordered and it?s wrong, how will they take care of it?
4.How long have you been in business? Chances are, someone who?s been in business a long time has an established reputation and knows the area. That?s important, because some trends may be more popular in one region than another. And don?t necessarily assume that if someone?s new they won?t be good. They?re looking for repeat and referral business too, and let?s face it: We all have to start somewhere.
5.Who?s doing the installation? This one is very important. Ideally, you?d want your flooring retailer to be the one who also does the installation, especially since it can be a little complicated. You want someone who really understands carpet.
If, however, it is sub-contracted out, be sure your retailer oversees the process and know exactly what happens if the installation is not acceptable.
For more information, feel free to come into the Carpet Mart showroom in Benton Harbor, MI.