luxury vinyl tile flooring

Advice on how to choose luxury vinyl tile

At Carpet Mart, our Benton Harbor, MI?showroom has recently seen an upswing in luxury vinyl tile (LVT) sales. But, really, it?s no surprise since it?s such an amazing product. Available in such a wide range of lookalike styles and coupled with affordability, LVT has quickly become a true flooring favorite for renovations.
However, as it is a relatively new material compared to other surfacing options, many homeowners don?t quite know what to make of it. They often ask why it?s so much less expensive, expecting it to be an inferior product ? and it?s anything but! LVT is easy to install, eco-friendly, and, depending on the brand, waterproof. Pick any room in your home right now, and you?ll have no problem installing it there.
While many people are indeed interested in this flooring once we talk about its superior qualities, they simply don?t know what to look for when shopping. As such, we thought we?d take this opportunity to share some advice on how to choose LVT.
The Thickness of the wear layer
As you would imagine, higher quality LVT has a thicker wear layer. In essence, that?s what you?re looking for when selecting flooring. Aside from providing more protection because of its added depth, a thicker wear layer also creates a better feel and richer look due to having more embossing.
Choosing between floating and glued-down
Depending on the location of the room and other factors, you?ll be able to choose between floating and glued-down varieties. When you don?t need to glue it down, you?re truly several clicks away from new flooring. But again, there may be situations wherein which adhesives are necessary. Your installation crew will be able to clarify which type of luxury vinyl system you?ll require.
Do you need a waterproof material?
There are a few brands on the market right now that offer 100% waterproof LVT. Normally, it all comes down to the core of the plank, usually a waterproof combination of PVC, limestone, sawdust, and composite wood. If you?re skeptical, you can come down to our Benton Harbor, MI showroom and check it out for yourself!