What?s all the buzz about luxury vinyl/LVT?

Because of how it can easily mimic stone, tile, wood and other hard surfaces, this practical solution is often sought out because of how flawlessly it can harmonize with interior decors. Luxury vinyl is also softer underfoot and is easier to maintain and care for than many other types of coverings. Furthermore, it is a more affordable option with plenty of wow factor capabilities.

Practicality a huge plus!
One of the more practical features of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is that while it is a stable flooring solution, it still retains a flexibility allowing for easier cutting and fitting during installation. Another is that maintenance is generally simple and worry-free. No need to concern yourself with a specializing cleaning product, stone soaps or tile group sealants. Daily vacuuming and sweeping will help you keep your floors free of dirt and grit. Regularly using a mild soapy solution and rinsing will ensure long term enjoyment.

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What is luxury vinyl/LVT made of, anyway?
You?re probably wondering what exactly comprises this practical flooring material that can give you a luxurious expensive look at a lower cost. Generally speaking, LVT is created using a multi-layered process that can consist of four layers:

  1. A top ?wear? layer: involves a transparent coating to help against wear and tear and fading;
  2. A decorative image layer: it?s a digitalized image that is attached to the central core. This is how luxury vinyl tile is successful in mimicking other types of surfaces. In some variations this layer can have texture to it;
  3. A central ?core? layer: made up of PVC, which gives it flexible, waterproof qualities;
  4. A backing layer: this bottom layer provides LVT with mildew and mold-resistant qualities and reinforces its waterproofing abilities

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