What would you like to do with your carpet?

Carpet choices are vast, giving you ample opportunity to combine benefits and beauty with ease. It's always been the softest floor covering available on any flooring market, and it offers one of the most diverse color pallets as well. From stunning solid colors to intricate patterns and designs, you'll love the way you can find a perfect match for all your decor, in every room. But that's not all. The benefits you'll enjoy are just as vast, with something for everyone. Whatever your need or preference, be sure to talk with an associate about what's best for you.

Carpet Mart has been serving our clients faithfully since 1976, with a convenient showroom located in Benton Harbor, MI. Our friendly associates are available for consultation as soon as you walk through our doors, and strive to make sure you have the best possible flooring experience you've ever had. Let us help you find the flooring that best suits all your requirements by visiting us today.

If you're looking for a carpet and have specific special needs, we're excited to let you know, there's a floor covering here for you. For those who need the most durable carpet available, ask us about brands whose stain resistance is built right into the fibers. This stain protection assures that no stain can soak in to become permanent, and foul odors are often kept at bay as well for the same reasons.

Some need only the softest fibers available because it creates the best surface for small children who might just be learning to walk. The stable surface of the carpet with these benefits allows you to have much more peace of mind that falls are not as likely to happen. If they do, you'll still feel good about the fact that fewer injuries happen as a result of falling on this material.

It should be noted that to take advantage of all the wonderful benefits of this floor covering, you should ask for qualified and experienced carpet installers. They truly can make a world of difference that you can both see and feel for years to come.