Is wood-look tile flooring available?

Is wood-look tile flooring available?

Yes. There's a big trend toward natural materials like wood and stone. And thanks to modern technology, manufacturers have been able to develop incredibly true-to-life simulations of those raw materials.

Come into our tile shop, where you'll see porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, metal, and glass tiles. They come from brands like Crossville, Anthology, Happy Floors, and Interceramic.

The beauty of wood, the function of tile

Wood-look tile is a great, stylish alternative for anyone who wants a wood look in the bath, kitchen, or other wet places. It's also great for heavily trafficked areas like the stairs or just for anyone who wants the aesthetic with the easy cleanability of tiles.

This has all the inconsistencies of anything created by Mother Nature. Planks are available in various sizes.


This floor tile will last up to 50 years if maintained well. It won't crack, stain or scratch, and wood looks are classic and never go out of style. They are both expected to trend for around 15 years.

Wood looks are made from ceramics or porcelain, but many prefer porcelain; it is considered the most durable.

Other benefits of tile include:

1. Easy to clean. No harsh chemicals or special tools are required?sweep and mop.

2. Eco-friendly. They are recyclable and don't emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or toxins. Ask the experts in the tile store about non-toxic adhesives.

3. Budget-friendly. You won't pay nearly the same price as you would for genuine wood, marble, or other stones. You can also mix and match tiles to create different price points

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