bathroom tile trends

Three trendy tile ideas for your bathroom

Without a doubt, tile works wonders in the bathroom. Not only is it easy to clean, it also adds an alluring focal point to your room, one that can appeal to a great many styles. But, with so many options available on the market, you may feel out of your element when trying to find something for your upcoming renovation. That?s why our Carpet Mart showroom experts in Benton Harbor, MI, have come up with the following 3 trendy tile ideas to set you off in the right direction.

1 ? Glass mosaic accents
Or a truly unique, jaw-dropping accent, you may want to add a glass mosaic design to your bathroom. Easily, it?s one of the greatest ways to enhance a space with shapes, high-sheen, and brilliant color. Use it for a backsplash, recessed shelf, or in the shower. With glass, you can create a full wall of glossy pieces, add a framed accent, or even install one or several stripes in the bathroom. Also, this material is wonderful in dark areas, as it filters and reflects light to brighten the space.

2 ? Large-sized tiles
Make a small area appear larger than it really is with an optical illusion, thanks to large-sized tiles. Also, larger sections make it easier to clean the room, since large pieces require a lot less grout, thus fewer lines to scrub. Most of all, larger squares or rectangles add a refined, elegant look, elevating your bathroom to a whole other dimension of style.

3 ? Subway tile accents
Versatile like no other, subway accents offer a modern yet timeless appeal. Available in a vast assortment of materials, patterns, and colors, you?ll be able to add an interesting design element to your space. However, if you?d like to tone down this feature, try adding these accents in a simple white or off-white color, to allow the other design elements in your area stand out. Play around with the look of your place by choosing contrasting grout colors, a more dramatic contrast that won?t go out of style for a long while.