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Three Reasons Why We Love Carpet

Who doesn't love a nice, plush carpet? Colorful, comfortable, and long-lasting, the list of desirable traits goes on and on. If you are considering new floors for your home, we think you should take a moment or two to consider a carpet installation. Obviously, we don't expect you to just listen to a recommendation without a little info to back it up, so here are three reasons why you should take a long, hard look at carpeting for your home:

It's Extremely Comfortable

Nobody wants to lay on a hardwood floor to watch TV or read a book. Nobody ever goes on about how they love the feel of a cold hardwood or tile floor on their feet first thing in the morning. That's because nobody finds cold feet and sore joints to be very comfortable. That's where carpet beats out all other flooring materials.

You will love the feeling of the warm, plush pile between your toes when you swing your legs over the side of the bed in the morning, and you and your kids will always have a comfy place to lounge on movie night!

It's Saves on the Power Bill

This is an aspect of carpeting that few people recognize. Carpet?acts as a perfect insulator to keep your house warmer in the Winter, and cooler in the Summer. Over time, all that insulation can translate into a hefty savings on your heating and cooling bills. That's something we could all use these days!

Peace and Quiet

If you've ever lived in a two-story house with hard-surface flooring, you know just how loud even the softest footfalls can sound. Not only does carpet act as a thermal insulator to help you save money, it is a sonic insulator as well. Since carpet doesn't transmit sound as readily as hard-surface materials, you will find your house is a lot quieter after your carpet installation compared to before. Maybe little Billy should learn the drums!

On the Prowl for Quality Carpet Installation Services?

If you are currently in the market for high-end, affordable carpet installation services, Carpet Mart is here for you! Our team of experienced flooring professionals is the secret to our success, and it is the bedrock on which our reputation for sterling customer service and quality workmanship stands.

If you would like an expert?flooring consultation and estimate, simply contact our showroom via email or telephone to make an appointment. Better yet, come down to our Benton Harbor, MI showroom to have a look at all of the incredible carpet styles we offer. We're positive we can get you the floors you want, at a price that puts our competitors to shame.