tile flooring installation

There?s Just Something About Tile!

It?s just one of those flooring materials that look great in any room of the house. We tend to see it often in kitchens and bathrooms, but a tile floor installation can be just as breathtaking in a foyer, library, and living room--anywhere!

It does have a lot of benefits. The biggest one is that, unlike many flooring products that can be damaged by water, this one is completely waterproof. That might be why we see it so often in bathrooms, which are widely known as the ?wettest room of the house.?

If your floor tile is glazed, it automatically has a hard protective layer that makes it impossible for water to penetrate, and most stains can?t either. If you get one that?s unglazed, such as Saltillo (terracotta) Mexican, you will need to put a sealant on it to guard it from water and soil.

Other Reasons to Love It
Style. Thanks to modern technology, they can be printed in many different ways, either mixed and matched, highlighted with unique, one-of-a- kind designs, or made to mimic hardwood or stone, and cut in many different shapes.

This couldn?t be a better time for you to express your own style by creating your own pattern!

Don?t worry about price, either, because you can always use a less expensive one on the biggest square footage, with a few highly-designed ones as accent pieces.

Durability. Just try to crack one; it?s nearly impossible! If one does crack, an infrequent occurrence, it doesn?t matter, because you just need to replace the tile, not the entire floor.

Easy maintenance. That glaze keeps everything sit from absorbing, so it?s an easy wipe with a soft brush or cloth.

Some Caveats
Tile is a great heat conductor, so in the summer you?ll appreciate the coolness on your feet. However, Michigan winters can get pretty cold. Easy-peasy, just install in-floor heat!

Slippery when wet! If you have kids or pets, don?t let them run.?Hard. Use mats or area rugs when cooking or standing for any length of time.

Installation: Can be tricky, so don?t try DIY!

Feel free to come into the Carpet Mart showroom in Benton Harbor, MI, to learn more about this gorgeous and incredible flooring.