Karastan carpet

Inspiration Inside and Out

Ever walk through a park or garden and think, ?Wow, I wish I could see that every day, or look at a picture of, say, the Taj Mahal or some Italian Palazzo and think, ?Wish I could be there.?

Spoiler alert! You can.

It?s easy with Karastan Carpets and Rugs, because their creative juices often come from travel, nature, art, or just life itself. Each carpet is handcrafted with a personal touch by one of the company artisans, someone who often has a much as 30 years? experience. So go ahead and enjoy your travels, without ever needing to get on an airplane, or spend a penny.

It?s also ultra-durable. With 90 years of experience under this company?s belt, the product is meant to last for generations, especially with the natural toughness of New Zealand wool.

Now, Let?s Talk About Carpet Functionality

It?s no secret that?carpet can add beauty to a home, not mention that your feet will be happy when they touch down on something warm and soft first thing in the morning, especially in Michigan, where we?re told the winters can get pretty cold and snowy.?It?s also a workhorse, though, and there?s a good reason why it?s still a number one choice of flooring for homeowners.

It provides:

?Sound insulation is one of the biggest advantages of carpet, and some flooring, beautiful as it is, can be really noisy! What it does is provide cushioning between floors, so you won?t be disturbed by the tap-tap-tap of high heels, or pet claws (which can get petty loud if untrimmed), or running and giggling kids.

Even phone conversations are muffled; sometimes it seems like you can hear every word.

?What you may not know, however, is that it?s also a temperature insulator. If the room is warm, the carpet will hold that warmth; when the air conditioner is on or the windows open, that coolness will also be maintained.

Feel free to come into the Carpet Mart showroom in Benton, MI, to learn more about this amazing flooring.