tile flooring

I love tile!

Tile is not too expensive; in fact, those mosaic glass ones are surprisingly affordable, but there are ways you can make it even more economical.

We?ll tell you about those ways in a bit but, first, Carpet Mart wants to tell you why you want it in the first place.

Tile is stylish. It adds an elegance and you can combine shapes, sizes and patterns to create any look you want, from a modern-day castle, to a traditional, retro chic or contemporary room.

It is completely waterproof. As long as the ceramic is glazed, as opposed to those terra cotta pieces you see on patios, it will be completely, 100 percent impervious to water.
It is durable. It?s almost impossible to crack, but if it does, just replace the one piece, not the entire floor.

Easy-to-care-for. This one has our staff stumped, because there?s a myth going around that it?s difficult to maintain. Not so! Sweep or mop with a manufacturer-approved soap. Just be mindful of textures; sometimes they can be slippery when wet.

It?s always too cold: No, ceramic and porcelain are good heat conductors, which means they?ll hold on to the room temperature for a long time. If the room is chilly, so will be the floor; if it?s warm, so also will be the floor.

Now for the economical decorating ideas
Mix and match-or not: As long as it coordinates, you can mix and match. On the other hand, you also can create a statement by using just one kind, like the basic white subway tile.

Create an accent wall or a unique backsplash. A tiled shape in the living room, say, over a mantle, will add the ?Wow? factor. Likewise, a floor-to-ceiling kitchen backsplash will become a focal point.

Add paint: A painted wall, surrounded by a tile design --zowie!

Use borders: Let it be something different, like a bead board, a type of paneling with those narrow wood planks. (Wainscoting might work too.)

Feature the floor: This works for the bath which usually has a smaller floor square footage than the wall, so go for it! By the way, bathrooms are well known as the wettest rooms in the house, so waterproof material is highly desired.

Feel free to come into the Carpet Mart showroom in Benton Harbor, MI, for more ideas.