Commercial carpet in the home? Why it?s a good idea

The carpet you have in your home should last around a decade or so. After many years of foot traffic and household abuse (stains, tears, and general wear) your carpet begins to thin, go flat or simply look dated.

Commercial carpet is most often used in industrial or business settings, but the flooring can be used in the home as well. Designed with a shorter pile and much tighter looping styles, commercial carpet is constructed with durability and long-lasting qualities in mind.

When it's time to replace your current carpeting, consider commercial flooring instead of traditional residential carpeting. Here are four reasons why commercial carpet is a great idea in the home.

Commercial Carpet is Cost-Effective

Your licensed flooring dealer can show you different types of commercial and residential carpet options that fit your budget, but overall commercial carpeting is cheaper per square foot than residential carpeting is. The reason lies in the basic construction of commercial flooring. Designed with durability in mind, commercial carpeting usually uses more affordable fibers, costing as low as $2 per square foot to install.

Commercial Carpet Lasts

Another reason to consider commercial carpet in the home is that it outlasts residential carpet exponentially. In a business setting with ample foot traffic, this type of carpeting can outlast residential carpeting by nearly a decade.

Commercial carpet can last even longer in a home setting because it doesn't receive as much varied foot traffic as its designed to receive in a building. Consider choosing commercial carpeting with a flat weave construction for the busiest areas of your home, such as your living room, hallways or children's rooms.

Commercial Carpeting is Low Maintenance

While you should get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year as part of your home's regular maintenance, you can expect commercial carpets to need far less upkeep than the residential, thicker carpeting you are used to. Vacuuming is easier with commercial flooring as the tight loops and durable materials harbor fewer amounts of hair and debris.

Another benefit to commercial carpeting is this: most materials used in creating the flooring is stain-resistant. This means easier cleanup in your home for you and carpets that look newer, longer.

Speak to your?carpeting dealer?about having carpet tiles installed in your home. Tiles can be easily replaced individually if they wear out or encounter a stubborn stain, allowing you to maintain your flooring longer without having to replace whole sections at a time.

Commercial Carpeting is Versatile

If you have a specific style of carpeting and color in mind for your home, you're in luck: commercial carpeting is not only more affordable than traditional residential flooring, it comes in a variety of patterns and hues as well.

You can choose a solid tone of carpet in bold colors for bedrooms and use a blend of neutral carpeting in the living room and hallways. Or, you can choose a patterned carpeting (often seen in hotels and conference rooms) to update home libraries, family rooms, dining rooms and other parts of the home easily.

Your carpet will need to be replaced if it is badly stained, is fading due to sun damage or high traffic or has worn spots. When you go shopping for new carpet for your home, ask to look at samples of commercial carpeting. With many styles to choose from at a price you can afford, you can easily select a beautiful flooring option for your home that will last.
There are many benefits of commercial carpeting in a home setting. Speak to your carpet dealer about different brands of commercial carpet so you choose the best style for your home. Our team at Carpet Mart can help you choose the ideal flooring for your home.