Advice for choosing carpeting for the bedroom

The bedroom is a natural spot for carpeting. While you may swing your legs out of bed and find your house shoes right away, the reality is that you'll be walking around in the room in bare feet a lot. Plus, bedrooms tend to be lower-traffic areas than, say, the living room, so it's relatively easy to keep carpeting clean.
Below are some tips for choosing the ideal carpeting for your bedroom.

Think About Color Trends
Recent trends in carpeting have led to designers suggesting dark carpeting for the bedroom. Dark colors, such as deep grays and rich browns, create a cozy and soothing atmosphere that's ideal for your sleeping area. Typically, you should look at the overall palette of your room's d?cor and choose a deep color within that palette for the carpet.

Choose Based on Your Own Personal Preferences
Trends are all well and good, but carpeting is a big investment and one that you expect to last for years. Therefore, you also want to stay within your personal preference in colors when choosing carpeting, even if you lean toward brighter or lighter hues.

Start by examining your d?cor scheme more closely. Most likely you've already gravitated toward a palette that you personally find pleasing. Consider what the focal point of your room is, such as wallpaper or beautiful curtains. You'll want carpeting that complements that pattern. Match a color in an existing pattern, especially with a permanent fixture like wallpaper.

Select Cut Carpet Pile
Carpeting comes in two pile options, cut and uncut. With uncut pile, the loops of fabric that are threaded through the mat are left intact ? think of Berber carpets. While this style improves durability, it's not as soft as cut carpet pile.

With cut pile, the loops are cut at a specific angle, which creates a plush surface. The plush texture somewhat diminishes the carpet's durability because the strands get pushed down when you walk on them. However, cut pile carpeting is the softest, which makes it more comfortable for bare feet.

Look Into Fiber Options
Another choice that's going to affect how your carpet feels and performs is the fiber it's made of. Your main option for natural fiber is wool, which is a costly material that can fade over time. That said, the fibers themselves are the longest lasting and most luxurious looking. What's more, wool is also the softest fiber option.
Polyester is almost as soft as wool. What's more, polyester holds its color well. Though it's prone to flattening, that propensity shouldn't be a problem in a low-traffic area like the bedroom. Polyester is a budget option.

The most popular carpeting material, nylon, is also a good choice for the bedroom. You can choose an extra-soft texture, which features thin strands that create an exceptionally plush feel. Nylon is usually priced between wool and polyester.

Consider Allergies
You won't get a good night's sleep if you're suffering from allergy attacks. If you have allergies, look at the carpet materials and piles with a different eye. Deeper piles are softer, but they're also more prone to harboring dust mites and other allergens. You may want to sacrifice some softness to lower the allergen level and even consider Berber carpeting.

Concerning material, wool especially harbors allergens because it's not resistant to mold or mildew. A better option is polyester in this case because the fiber itself is non-allergenic. Likewise, talk to your licensed dealer about chemical-free carpet brands. They can steer you away from any synthetic fibers that are known to emit VOCs, which can trigger allergies.

Choose soft, soundproofing carpeting that complements the natural beauty of your bedroom d?cor. The licensed dealers at?Carpet Mart?can help you choose your bedroom carpeting.