What is the Best Carpet for Homes With Kids?

Once you have kids, every decision you make will have to take them into account. There are few places where this is truer, than it is with choosing carpeting. In fact, most people think that carpeting is pretty much a total no-go when it comes to kids. However, the right carpeting can actually be a great addition to a home with kids, but you have to choose correctly!

The best carpet installation for kids should be soft, durable, easy to clean and maintain and, if possible, impervious to stains. That's a pretty tall order to fill, but there is one type of carpet that hits all those marks, Mohawk's SmartStrand? Silk.

It's Soft

SmartStrand? is rated as the softest carpet on the market, making it an excellent choice for homes with kids. Kids spend a lot of time on the floor. Whether they are lying around watching TV, reading, or playing with toys, a soft carpet is ideal for their safety and comfort, and there is no carpet softer than SmartStrand!

What Stains?

Stains are almost not even a thing when it comes to this type of carpet installation. Most carpeting uses chemical treatments that require occasional reapplication to remain effective. Even then, they can't even touch the built-in stain-fighting power of SmartStrand.

Most stains can be simply washed away with nothing more than water. In fact, you can dip a white swatch of SmartStrand into red wine, pull it out, pour water on it, and the wine will wash away, leaving the carpet looking like nothing ever happened.

If that's not extreme enough for you, Mohawk once installed carpet in a rhino enclosure at the zoo with SmartStrand for a couple of weeks. At the end of the experiment, the carpet was washed and it looked like new! No matter how rambunctious and messy your kids are, it's doubtful they could outdo a rhino!

Looking for Kid-Friendly Carpet in Benton Harbor?

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