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Carpet has always been one of the most luxurious and inviting floor coverings you could ever have installed in your home. As the only soft-surface flooring material, it has a lot of characteristics that really make it stand out in the flooring industry. Today, however, we are going to narrow our topic to that of Karastan carpeting and rugs. By the time we?re through, you should feel a bit more educated on the brand, and perhaps ready to have it installed in your own home.

Carpet Mart, located in Benton Harbor, MI, is always ready to help our customers find exactly what they?re looking for in a floor covering. From our vast selection of flooring and supplies, to our professional services, you?ll see why we?ve been in business since 1976. Our desire is to maintain our five-star status by helping you find exactly what you?re looking for as well. So stop by and visit with us today.

Karastan Carpet and Rugs

Having been in business since 1928, Karastan carpets and rugs have become known the world around. When the brand name finally gained massive popularity after appearing at the World?s Fair in the 1930?s, they did so by accomplishing what no one else had ever accomplished before. They created stunning handcrafted pieces at a price most anyone could afford.

That kind of fine craftsmanship and affordability are still appreciated by a large number of homeowners today. The Karastan name has become the standard for this kind of quality. What?s more, this carpet is just as durable as it is gorgeous. While the modern world has brought with it the use of more advanced manufacturing processes, the dedication to complete perfection has never been dropped from this line.

If you?re looking for a truly high-end carpet or rug, Karastan is certainly a brand you should give some time and research to. Whether you consider it a flooring material, or work of art, is up to you. In the meantime, every person involved with creating your potential rug cares as much about the quality of your flooring as you do. And it shows.