hardwood flooring

Four things to think about when choosing hardwood

A hardwood floor really up levels your home. These floors are elegant, timeless, warm, rich, there just aren?t enough superlatives to describe them, and they?ll work in any decor, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.
Flooring is the biggest expression of personal style, and it?s probably also the largest investment you?ll make in your home. It can be a little overwhelming, but Carpet Mart, will sort it out for you.
You should look at:
?Budget. There?s something to suit everyone, so look at the overall picture.
Hardwood floors will last for decades; in fact, some look better with age. When a hardwood floor looks scratched, they?re often in the veneer, not the wood itself: A simple refinishing (without sanding) may be all it takes to bring them to their original beauty. Don?t automatically throw them out.
?Design. Think about the overall atmosphere and even the rooms; if you have rooms that are traditional, something more suited to cottage or California-beach may look a little odd.
Give thought to balance; it?s a good idea to buy a $20 color wheel for this. All wood has undertones, secondary colors such as red, orange, brown, beige, slate blue, etc. If your upholstery and wall colors are warm hues, go with a cooler floor shade. Wood casings are exactly the opposite; if their undertones are warm, so should be the floor, and vice versa.
?Foot traffic. They?re all hard, but some species, such as maple, walnut, oak, or exotics, are stronger than others. If you plan to install the floor in the living room that?s only used when there?s company, you won?t need the same hardness for one that is going in your entryway.
?Room to be installed. There are two types of hardwood, solid and engineered. Solid is damaged by water and is never installed in bathrooms or below-grade levels, such as basements. Engineered wood handles moisture better, so it can be installed in basements, but it still can?t go in bathrooms and liquid should never sit on it.
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