luxury vinyl flooring

Create colorful, tile-look backsplashes, accent walls and other designs with LVT

This is a material that is said to bring the outdoors in. Highly durable and completely waterproof, it is a realistic simulation of wood, stone or tile, but at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, making it one of the best alternatives around.

comes in a large assortment of colors, patterns and designs. In fact, at Carpet Mart, we carry the product made by the pioneering manufacturer, Earthwerks.

Create a backsplash behind the bathroom sink, or cover the entire wall behind the tub to add some excitement.

You can also create backsplashes, accent walls, cabinet or countertop designs for the kitchen; since the natural, organic look is in right now, you can use wood-look vinyl and add an indoor herb garden.

Love stone? How about creating a ?wallpaper? around the fireplace with some LVT?

Although it makes a great DIY project, be sure walls are thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying, so the adhesive really sticks. Please don?t fall for those rock-bottom bargain-basement prices, either, because the material will be thin, and the photographic quality will suffer.

The thicker the better!
More reasons to love this material
It?s a layered material, with the top being a clear, hard, protective surface, and you definitely want this layer to be thick! This is the layer that protects it from water and also makes it scratch-and-stain-resistant. Spills just sit on the surface so they can be easily wiped up.

It?s also easy to clean with only a sweep or damp mop. You don?t need to scrub or wax!
...And don?t forget the floor

While it can be a lot of fun to apply to other surfaces, the protective surface makes it virtually impossible to ?walk off? the photographic image, and it?s a lot softer and more flexible to stand on than some of the other hard ones.

This is also an easy installation because, with few exceptions, it can be placed over existing flooring, and the tiles or planks just snap together.

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