hardwood flooring

Carpet Mart's hardwood flooring maintenance guide

Savvy homeowners know that hardwood flooring is an investment that pays dividends over the course of decades, even generations. Savvy homeowners also know that investments need to be protected if they are to continue being worthwhile. Hardwood flooring is no different!
If you've recently purchased new hardwood floors for your home, you are probably wondering what you need to do to take proper care of them. Good news! This guide will tell you everything you need to know to keep your investment sound!
Be sure to sweep regularly
Gritty dirt gets tracked in from outside and can then be tracked around your floors, where it will cause erosive damage to your finish. Over time, your floors will start to lose their luster and look flat and dull, unless you make sure to handle that dirt.
Luckily, all it takes is a quick sweep through the house with a soft-bristle broom once a day, to keep things under control. You can also use your vacuum, but make sure your beater brush is disengaged first. The beater brush will cause more damage to your wood floors.
Keep them dry
The most important part of protecting your hardwood flooring is to be sure to protect it from moisture. Be certain to lay down waterproof mats in front of kitchen or bathroom sinks, as well as in near any doors leading outside.
It's also important to immediately clean up any wet spills that occur on your hardwood, to avoid serious damage to your floors
Lift with your knees!
Seriously, though. Never drag your furniture across the floor when moving it, always lift it completely. Heavy objects can cause gouges and dings if you're not careful, and the only thing that can work those out is a full-on refinishing project. It's also a good idea to put soft pads on the feet of your furniture for extra protection.
Still don't have hardwood flooring in your home?
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