3 ways a licensed carpet dealer can make your flooring shine

Whether you've recently moved into a new home or you're simply tired of your old flooring, you're on the hunt for the perfect carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring. But choosing the right color and material for your new floor aren't your only decisions: you also need to choose which type of store you're going to buy your flooring from. Do you go to a big-box store? Or do you choose a smaller, homegrown, licensed flooring dealer?

Both options have their pros and cons, but working with a licensed carpet dealer will often ensure you get a better deal on your new floor?not to mention presenting you with more options that may last longer than generic materials purchased at a larger store.

Keep reading for 3 reasons a licensed dealer can better suit your needs than big-box, one-size-fits-all flooring.

1. In-Depth Knowledge

Big box employees certainly have a wide range of knowledge about their jobs. They can direct you down the right aisle to find the carpet you like, and they can likely offer you basic information on the types of flooring you're interested in.

However, nothing can substitute for the experience you get when you work with a licensed, experienced flooring dealer. Many dealers have years?or even decades?of in-depth experience in their field, which means they can tell you the pros and cons of different flooring types while directing you towards flooring that fits your budget.

2. High-Quality Options at Better Prices

Can you find high-quality flooring choices at big-box stores? Of course! But working with a licensed expert often means you get more flooring options, better materials, and more competitive pricing than you would at larger, more generic stores. Because licensed stores only carry flooring and nothing else, they can often offer?better deals?so you can get excellent flooring materials without breaking the bank.

3. A Greater Selection

At a big-box store, you might find a few different options for the materials you're focused on. But compared to the sheer number of options a licensed professional can offer you, there's no contest between the two choices.

For instance, a flooring expert can offer you multiple materials like bamboo, carpet, vinyl, hardwood, glass, laminate, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, cork, and even natural stone. And, of course, they won't just offer you one brand or one color?they can offer dozens or even hundreds of varieties so you can find the perfect material, color, and price for your unique home.

Are There Reasons to Choose a Big-Box Store?

In some cases, a big-box store might be an okay fit. If you need to buy carpets in bulk and don't care as much about the quality?for instance, if you need to quickly replace carpet to sell a home and don't have money for superior carpet?big-box store flooring might work for you.

However, while redoing your flooring before you sell a home might require you to pay a little more upfront, the return on investment might be worth it. Durable, beautiful flooring makes your home much more attractive to prospective buyers, and a licensed dealer can steer you towards flooring that keeps your wallet full and your buyers happy.

And don't forget that licensed dealers do offer affordable options. You don't need to automatically assume that larger stores offer better deals; your local licensed professional may just surprise you.

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